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Hello Everyone,

As you know that, we never comrpomsie to provide the best services to our customers. We would like to provide you some important links which can help you in the term of Web Hosting:

Domain / Hosting Lookup Tool:

MX look tool:

IP Blacklist lookup tool:

Verify the status of SSL Certificate:

Test your mobile speed and performance:

Test the Spammyness of your Emails

Use Google URL Shortener to Simplify your links:

Diagnose Networking Issue:
Use WinMTR to diagnose traceroute and path combination from the local system to any server

 Please use a program such as MTR to send us traces over 1000 packets in both directions (client -> server; server -> client) for the problematic connection during the time in which the issue occurs.

Our network department requests both traces (client -> server and server -> client) to make a qualified analysis of your problematic case.

MTR is a diagnostic tool which can be used to determine which routers transmit data packets onto the destination host and which routers may be experiencing problems.

For Windows, "WinMTR" can be downloaded free of charge (via ).

For Linux, MTR can be installed using the appropriate package manager for your distribution.

Please see below for more information regarding the instructions for an error report concerning network problems:

Feel free to raise your query to support[@]jinfo[dot]net for further assistnace. We are always Happy to Assist you.

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