Google Workspace Sign in using App Passwords

This article is for those who use "Two Factor Authentication" with Google Workspace account and unable to setup his/her account in Microsoft Outlook or Livemail 

An App password is a 16-digit passcode that gives an app or device permission to access your Google Account. If you use 2-Step-Verification and are seeing a “password incorrect” error when trying to access your Google Account, an App password may solve the problem. Most of the time, you’ll only have to enter an App password once per app or device, so don’t worry about memorizing it.

Note: If you have iOS 8.3 or greater on your iPhone or OSX 10.10.3 or greater on your Mac, you will no longer have to use App passwords to use 2-Step Verification when using the Gmail or any Google branded Apps from iTunes. Using the Google option on the native iOS mail client also does not require App passwords.

Problems signing in with 2-Step verification?

Some apps and devices require an extra step to work with Two Factor Authentication.

How are you trying to access your Google Account?
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Microsoft Outlook
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Microsoft Outlook doesn’t accept my username and password after I add 2-Step Verification to my Google Account

Step 1: Create an App Password for Outlook

An App Password allows 2-Step Verification users to access their account from apps or devices that do not support verification codes.

  1. Visit your App passwords page. You may be asked to sign in to your Google Account.
  2. At the bottom, click Select app and choose the app you’re using.
  3. Click Select device and choose the device you’re using.
 App Passwords

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