Is your website working too slow?

If your website is working fine for all users and you are facing slowness, we suggest you follow these steps:

Step 1:
 First of all, check the speed of your website by using the following URLs:

Step 2:
Clear the cache of your web browser:

How to clear cache from Chrome Browser?
Step 1: Open Chrome
Step 2: Press control + h (To get the history)
Step 3: Click on Clearing browsing data
Step 4: Select clear the following items from “the begging of time”
Step 5: Mark “Cached images and files” and press on “Clearing Browsing Data”

How to clear cache from Firefox Browser?
Step 1: Open Firefox
Step 2: Press on Control + Shift + Delete
Step 3: There will be a dialog box open “Clear Recent History”
Step 4: Select Time range to clear “Everything”
Step 5: Expand Details Option and mark Cache.
Step 6: Now press on Clear now button in order to clear cache.

Step 3:
Download WinMTR to get exact idea about speed issue and share the result with us in either HTML or text format to your hosting provider.

Download Link:

Step 4:
Share us your ISP's live IP address by visiting following any of the websites and share the error message if you are getting to your hosting provider:

You can also send us a support request, we will assist you further.

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