My Website, cPanel Or Webmail not working

If you are unable to browse your website, unable to login to your cPanel account, unable to login your email account etc., there might be a problem that your IP is blocked in Server.

What are the symptoms behind IP Blocking?

1 - Failed SSH login from <Your IP address>
2 - Failed cPanel login from <Your IP address>
3 - Failed SMTP AUTH login from <Your IP address>
4 - Failed POP3 login from <Your IP address>
5 - Failed IMAP login from <Your IP address>
6 - 5 distributed smtpauth attacks on account <Your email address>
7 - Exim syntax errors from <Your IP address>

How to check what is your IP address?

You can write a string “What is my IP address” in Google to check your Public IP address.

Links to check Public IP address:

How to contact us to ask whether your IP address is blocked or not. You can contact our support team or give us call on support number and provide us your public IP address. We are here to help you!

  • Failed SSH login, Failed cPanel login, Failed SMTP AUTH login, Failed POP3 login, Failed IMAP login, 5 distributed smtpauth attacks, Exim syntax errors, IP Blocked, IP Unblock, IP Allow, IP Deny
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