Dear Client
Microsoft India is announcing Indian rupee pricelist changes to harmonize its prices for commercial on-premises software and online services between India and the Asian region Due to currency fluctuations, ​​effective ​​February 1, 2023. Microsoft periodically assesses the impact of its local pricing for software products and online services to ensure there is reasonable alignment across regions and this change is an outcome of this assessment.

​Microsoft 365 Email Service Price List w.e.f​.​ Feb, 01st​ 2023
  Per user per month Per user per year
Microsoft 365 Business Basic 136.25 1635
Microsoft 365 Business Standard 719.4 8632.8
Microsoft 365 Business Premium 1262.9 15154.8
Microsoft 365 Apps for business 650 7800
18% GST is applicable on the above prices  
Please take note of the above​ price list.

Friday, March 10, 2023

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