Dear Clients, 

this is to inform you that our data center has replaced backup drive which was faulty and rebooted this server but it does not come up, and this server server IP is down

we are working with data center to make this UP as soon as possible

update 08.35 AM IST 17/09/2018



I did contact our technician to verify what is going on with your server.
He is currently looking at your server. We will contact you as soon as we will have an update.

update 09.08 AM IST 17/09/2018


As said, our specialists is currently working on the machine, that might be the reason why you do not have access to it right now.

Please wait until you do receive an email from our technician.
If there is anything else, do not hesitate to contact us.

update 09.27 AM IST 17/09/2018


We will verify your server. In that case, I will create an intervention as our technician was not able to verify your server since you were in the IPMI at the same time.

update 09.38 AM IST 17/09/2018

> We called data center and got the below reply
This is Jason the advocate you just spoke to on the phone about your server.
As promised I am monitoring your case and the server that currently is in an intervention.
Once the intervention has been completed you will be notified about the datacenter's findings and will know how to proceed afterward.
At this time, we are waiting for feedback from the technician working on your server.

update 09.50 AM IST 17/09/2018

>> once again we contacted them over the phone, 

they replied as below


As stated over the phone, I am currently trying to contact the technician on your server for an update. Once we get a response from them, we will inform you by replying to this ticket.

update 11.05 AM IST 17/09/2018

here is a recent update from data center


We apologize for the delay. The technicians have just gotten back to us.

The issue at the moment, is still unknown. At the time, the issue is still ongoing even in rescue mode. This means that this is definitely an issue on our end. The technician is still taking more tests to try and pinpoint the issue. We will update this ticket again once they have more information to report again.


Our technician is now replacing the motherboard to see if this will resolve the issue.

We will update the ticket once again when we have another update.

update 12.21 PM IST 17/09/2018

Dear Customer,

Our system has intervened to block an incoming attack on server and more
precisely, on the IP address

This address is now protected for a period of
1 hour.

This state will be maintained until 2018-09-17 05:42:48.

update 02.30 PM IST 17/09/2018


Dear Customer,

Our system has intervened to block an incoming
attack on server and more
precisely, on the IP address

This address is now protected for a period of
8 hours.

This state will be maintained until 2018-09-17 15:56:47. USA time

update 06.30 PM IST 17/09/2018

This operation was closed at 2018-09-17 09:19:56 EDT (UTC -04:00)

Here are the details of this operation:
Diagnosis interface boot (rescue)
Date 2018-09-17 07:52:01 EDT (UTC -04:00), antoine V made Diagnosis interface boot (rescue):
Here are the details of the operation performed:
The server gets stuck during the boot phase, with the message:
(Same error as the last intervention)
A restart on the standard OVH kernel ('netboot') does not correct the

Rebooting the server to "rescue" mode (Linux)

Boot OK. Rescue mode accessible.

Configuration / error to be corrected by the customer

update 07.30 PM IST 17/09/2018

Monday, September 17, 2018

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