Our Domain Registrar is facing an attack on their DNS Servers, domain names which are using following name servers in our domain panel may not work now.




DNS records (A, MX, PTR, etc...) could not be fetched.

you can check name servers of your domain name on this link : http://who.is/ if your domain name is pointed to above mentioned server, then this annoucement is for you.


message from domain registrar :
We are working in co-ordination with the data center to mitigate this attack as soon as possible. Please follow this thread for more information.


we will update this page as soon as we have more information on this issue, refresh this page to get new update.


update : 05:11 PM

The DNS attack has affected all the IP addresses on our DNS infrastructure. We have taken actions and have suspended the domain names that have caused the issue and our team is continuously co-ordinating with our data center for further updates.


We will be updating this post with further information shortly.


Below are the IP addresses which have been null routed due to the attack:



update : 06:04 PM


The data center is verifying if we can de-list some of the IP addresses from the null route based on the traffic pattern that is observed. We're awaiting a confirmation from the data center and will update this thread once we have the list of functional IP addresses. 



Posted 08:08 PM , 09th Jun 2015



Few of our IP addresses have been removed from the null route by the data centre.This has lead to a partial restoration of the DNS services.

We aim to remedy this across all our DNS servers and are hoping for stabilizing the DNS services in the next couple of hours.




Posted 12:30 AM , 10th Jun 2015

The DNS services have now been restored to a great extent with majority of IP addresses being taken out of the null route. We're still awaiting de-listing of 2-3 IP addresses, so you should experience intermittent issues, but in most possibilities domain names using our DNS should now be functioning.


We will be sure to update this thread once the remaining IP addresses are also serving traffic and following that a comprehensive root cause analysis.


Posted 04:50 AM , 10th Jun 2015

All our IP's have been removed from Null Route.


The DNS services should be completely functional now.


We will update this thread once we have a complete root cause analysis.


Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


Please feel free to contact us, should you have any further doubts or issues.




Tuesday, June 9, 2015

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